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Here at Luxe Oud, we're proud of our team, our experience, and our dedication. Our team combines over a century of Agarwood and Oud Oil industry experience. We've become known as connoisseurs in sourcing and selecting high quality editions of Oud. The Luxe Oud premium quality standard comes from our wealth of experience derived from every stage of the Oud Oil production chain, from plantation management to quality sourcing.


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Experience Where It Matters Most

Here at Luxe Oud, we want you to know just how much love and attention we put in to every drop of Oud Oil we make, and how we craft every distillation with years of industry knowledge and artisanal expertise. We take tremendous pride and meticulous care in bringing to you pure premium oud oil directly from the lush jungles and mountains of Asia.

Luxe Oud is a brand of the international Agarwood export company Oud & Partners Ltd with operations in London and Hong Kong.

Tailored Service For A Personalised Result

We diligently oversee the entire sourcing and supply process from start to finish to ensure that no detail gets overlooked sourcing dark, rich and resinous agarwood from trees up to 150 years old. Through our unique selection process, we've been able to deliver a guarantee that every tola of Oud Oil is 100% pure and authentic.

Wether you're interested in purchasing to allow your Oud Oil to gain value, or if you'd like your product delivered right to your door for personal use, we'd be proud to be the team to do it.

Our Mission

Here at Luxe Oud, our mission is simple – we're looking to help you experience pure oud oil.

Oud Oil can improve your health or simply allow you to indulge in "the scent of musky luxury" . This natural substance is regarded through history as something of pure fragrant excellence, pure luxury, whilst possessing incredible cultural significance worldwide.

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