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Oud Oil Health Benefits

Calming Properties

Oud has a strong, mystical smell and is known for the spiritual and psychological benefits. It is essentially popular for its calming properties. Moreover, it is known to remove the negative and destructive energies that surround the human aura. This is why Oud Essential Oil is used for aromatherapy. It also increases mental functionality, boosts a feeling of harmony and content.

Psychoactive Properties

Agarwood is also known to be highly psychoactive. This makes it extremely useful for Oud to relieve stress and boost cognition. 

Eliminate Negative Energies

Pure Oud Oil and Oud-based products are known to eliminate negative energies around the house. Moreover, it is believe that the smoke created through burning Oud carries prayers to the Creators. Burning Oud is especially famous among Muslims who strongly believe that Agarwood carries spiritual benefits.

Medicinal Properties

Oud is also known to carry spiritual benefits. It is known as a natural tonic and a remedy to help epilepsy. Moreover, it is also known to have antimicrobial and aphrodisiac properties. It is also been used to help treat asthma and other lung-related diseases. Additionally, Oud is helpful in clearing disorders related to the nervous system. The medicinal compounds found in Oud Oil can provide ease during illnesses like cancer, colic, diarrhoea, nausea and breathing illnesses. 

For those who just wish to be mesmerised by the enchanting smell of Oud, you can wear this divine scent to feel fresh and active.

Reduce pain and inflammation

This oil can be massaged into the skin to reduce pain and swelling. It’s anti-arthritic properties also assist in easing the pain of arthritis.

Reduce anxiety and other nervous system disorders

Reduce anxiety and other nervous system disorders.1

Drink as a tea

This herbal tea is used in Thailand and parts of Europe to remove toxins, clear the mind and even to lose weight.2

Supports Digestion

Known to help reduce, alleviate, and even remove unwanted gas from the digestive tract.

Get some sleep

Known to help regulate sleep for hours of blissful rest.

Get intimate

A known aphrodisiac, even in religious texts!

Reduce Stress

This scent is believed to calm the mind and reduce stress.

Inhibit the growth of Breast Cancer

Studies are showing that oud oil inhibits the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Also shows anti-attachment effects towards MCF-7 in vitro.

Helps with Meditation

Many use this oil in their meditative and spiritual practice to open the conscious mind and allow the full concentration needed to let go.3 Often applied to each chakra center or acupuncture points.

Clear skin

Treat the skin when used as a liniment. Used by many Indians and Chinese as a liniment for skin conditions.

Freshens breath

As with skin, oud oil’s bacterial properties rid the mouth of the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Aids memory and learning

Used traditionally in Hindu practice to alleviate issues with concentration and retaining information.

Heal the pains of the past

Known to heal emotional trauma

No more retaining water

Used as a diuretic to flush the body of extra fluids and toxins.

Spiritual enlightenment

Its psychoactive properties are said to instill inner peace, deeper awareness and emotional stability.


kills or resists pathogenic microorganisms.

Calm your Cough

This oil helps to relieve dry coughing by soothing and calming the throat.

Clear Congestion

Oud oil also helps to clear out the gunk in our lungs. It loosens and expels mucus and calms mucus membranes.

Get positive

Known to increase positive energy and boost mental health.

Reduce the pain of Gout

Used traditionally to help with this painful condition by breaking down accumulated uric acid crystals from joints.

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