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Cambodian Oud Royal Malaki

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Cambodian Oud Royal Malaki - 1ml Vial - AAA Grade Oud Oil

This edition of pure luxury oud oil has been aged well for its quality to develop. Through our unique and highly critical hand selection process from 40-year-old quality Cambodian agarwood. Traditional Pure Oud notes with floral hints of sweet peaty spiciness, the oil creates a unique scent for each wearer that last all day. Due to its rarity, there is only a certain amount of authentic original Cambodian Oud available all around the world. Gram for gram pure oud oil is more valuable than gold.

  • Pure Oud Oil is highly medicinal and psychoactive.
  • Described by fragrance expert John Bailey as the "scent of the 21st century".
  • Described by Buddha around 500 B.C as "the scent of nirvana".
  • One of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients in the world.
  • This 1ml vial will allow for around 10 applications, opening the gateway for your journey into Oud.
  • Experience the remarkable scent and stress-reducing benefits of pure oud oil or use as a base layer to create a unique combination with your favourite fragrances.
  • This product is organic, zero alcohol, vegan, and cruelty-free.


1ml Vial

Distillation year



100% Pure Agarwood Oil.

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