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Vintage Cambodian Oud

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12ml Super AAA Grade Highly Aged 14+ years Pure Organic Oud Oil

Originates from the South East Asian tropics in South Western Cambodia. The region is rich with wild-growing Oud of the Crassna and Sinensis species.

This is a vintage Soufi edition, well-aged for 14 years in Singapore in climate-controlled storage under close watch by the Sultans. The Oud opens with a distinct nutty aroma from the very first moment. Then welcome beautiful warm notes of groundnut, tobacco and musk coupled with strong woody notes that will sweetly engage your senses and of those around you, together with the scent of earthy tones mysteriously lingering in the background. Oud Soufi is anything but your typical Crassna oil, its an essence for the vintage fans and collectors of aged oud oil.

Dab on a little Cambodian Oud Soufi and experience paradise with Luxe Oud's Cambodian Vintage Pure Oud, you will feel what worldly emotions can never let you experience.

  • Pure Oud Oil is highly medicinal and psychoactive.
  • Described by fragrance expert John Bailey in 2012 as the "scent of the 21st century".
  • Described by Buddha around 500 B.C as "the scent of nirvana".
  • One of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients in the world.
  • Organic, zero alcohol, vegan, and cruelty-free

Order today and elevate your mood with the scent of Oud!



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100% Pure Agarwood Oil.

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