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Limited Edition 10 Tola Collector Set

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Grow Your Pot of Liquid Gold

Oud Oil not only holds its value over time, but it gains it with the passing of every year. Invest in Oud with our unique signature ten tola collector set.

  • 12ml Cambodian Oud Black Malaki (x2 tolas)
  • 12ml Cambodian Oud Royal Malaki (x2 tolas)
  • 12ml Laos Oud Al-Sheikh (x2 tolas)
  • 12ml Premium Burmese Oud
  • 12ml Premium Cambodian Oud
  • 12ml Premium Vietnamese Oud
  • 12ml Royal Oud Trat





Distillation year

2014 - 2018


100% Pure Agarwood Oil

Gift Box

Ten Tola Presentation Gift Box Included - Luxe Edition


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