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Royal Oud Trat

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12ml AAA Grade Pure Oud Oil - Royal Oud Trat

Enlighten your senses and bring yourself into a meditative state of calmness, tranquillity and peace. Its majestic power enchants its wearer into a spellbound trance as the soul of Oud Trat mesmerises the senses and soothes the entire body. At first, you will experience intense sweet, floral plumpy notes, it then withdraws into a milder tone which then reveals undertones of many other notes. At first hidden, they become reminiscent of dried figs, a delightful surprise. The side order to this beautiful sensual symphony is notes of tobacco and earthy wood, paired with a bouquet of fruity bubblegum, which becomes more prominent after the dry down.

The synchronization of all the core notes and subtle elements in this masterpiece creates an infused balance that is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Royal Oud Trat will shake the long-held belief that only Cambodia produces the best quality wild oud.

  • Pure Oud Oil will calm the mind and reduce stress.
  • Described by fragrance expert John Bailey in 2012 as the "scent of the 21st century".
  • Described by Buddha around 500 B.C as "the scent of nirvana".
  • One of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients in the world.
  • Organic, zero alcohol, vegan, and cruelty-free.



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100% Pure Agarwood Oil.

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