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Luxe Oud

Burmese Premium Oud

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Burmese Premium packs an exceptional fragrance that goes on seemingly forever after each wear. As we all know, Oud is not your regular commercial fragrance. It's filled with unique characteristics gifted solely by nature - wearing Oud is an experience and a journey that continues revealing itself over time.

This edition we distilled from highly resinous 70-year-old agarwood.

As the underlying gentle botanical notes delicately diffuse, it changes into a milder tone to uncover subtle sweet, slightly fruity notes, which will amaze, hypnotize, and invigorate the spirit. The traditional deep black oud base note dances with the top and middle notes intertwining all the accompanying elements of this small-batch artisanally distilled agarwood oil.

The warm musky components of the oil become more conspicuous, particularly at the dry down. Very thick texture, and it's a very popular Oud for men and women.

We are running very low in stock; this batch of unadulterated Oud isn't one to be missed!