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Luxe Oud

Sinharaja King | Royal Wild Oud

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We've added a new edition to our collection! we sourced the Oud in 2019 and have now released Sinharaja King as a special limited edition. 

Made from Gyrinops walla agarwood, a species found exclusively in Sri Lanka. Sinharaja King will continue to envelop its multiple notes around you for hours on end. 

Base: Earthy, smoky, honey and spices.
Top: Sweet, floral and fruity.

This is a unique type of Oud that's rarely available for sale. Sinharaja King distilled in 2006 is an Oud that's aged for 16 years.

16 years old pure oud

Distilled back in 2006 from the wild agarwood of Sri Lanka. The ageing develops the notes and provides a richness and depth to the character.

Rare and exclusive

The Gyrinops wall species of aqualria is native only to Sri Lanka, this provides a rare and unique batch of oud oil thats very rare and hard to find nowadays.

Limited edition

Sinharaja King has been safely stored in our private collection for the past four years. You now have the special opportunity to add this limited edition to your collection.